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The President of Gear PE(Japan)Office,Dr.eng.YOSHIKI KAWASAKI, is a professional gear specialist, with 3.5 titles reference *1)and 6 awards reference *2).
Dr.eng YOSHIKI KAWASAKI has nearly 50-year-experience in gear related fields,from cradle(gear design) to grave(gear damage). photo Y.Kawasaki

Prime mover(engine、motor)is decided by the birth(design), driven machine(transmission、gear) is decided by the raising(manufacture).

If you meet gear troubles, especially gear noisy, please do not hesitate to tell me.

Dr.eng.YOSHIKI KAWASAKI has lots of technical instruction experiences in Japan, Korea, China, India, Myanmar, USA and globally.

Gear noisy is just like [MUSIC].
The drawing is like opern, the factory is like orchestra. Different Conductor will perform different music.

Even Fate Symphony, by Beethoven, is played by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra or Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? Whether The Conductor is Karajan or Walter? The performance is quite different.
Also, different people will feel differently while listening the music.

Please refer to the details for individual information: Resume(Japanese,Chinese,English),Thesis, Technical lecture, Duty of academic board, Patent, International meeting/summit/ISO-TC60,Thesis on mechanical magazines.


  1. Dr.eng.YOSHIKI KAWASAKI spent only 2 years and one month receiving his doctor degree in Kyoto University in 1997.11, ranking 2nd ,his doctoral supervisor is Professor KUBO, Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, the famous gear researcher.
  2. Please refer to the report " The Gear Doctor YOSHIKI KAWASAKI",Isuzu Motor, (Japan Industry News 1998,April 6th ~9th )
  3. Please refer to the speech CD "To be a global engineer" (2001,January,25th)(Coming Soon)

Referece *1)  3.5 Titles
3.5 Titles
  • 3 Titles
    1. Professional Engineer 1980 December
    2. Dr. Engineering 1997 November
    3. Fellow of JSME 2002 March
  • 0.5 Title
    1. FE(Fandamental Engineer)2001 December
Reference *2) 6 Honors and Awards
6 Honors and Awards
  1. Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Inc. [Technical Award] 1985 May
  2. JSME [Technical Achievement Award] 1995 April
  3. The Japan Society for Precision Engineering [ Technical Award] 1995 May
  4. 1st Japan Manufacture Award [Award] 2005.August
  5. 4th Promotion of Machine Industry [Award] 2007 February
  6. IPEJ [Award] 2017 June
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